Postcard from Fallen Earth

28 Jul

Today I tried to catch up a bit on Fallen Earth. Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything worthwile to talk about. Mostly I harvested materials to continue my current goal of researching the Improved Motorcycle recipe and the Buggy recipe. This will still take a little while considering the amount of materials and crafting required.

I also respeced the character due to the combat revamp. The new combat skills seems interesting but I didn’t really get to test them. Maybe some time soon.

Anyway, to compensate for the lack of posts, I tried to make a postcard from Fallen Earth. Trying is all that matters right? Right?!? … no? Oh, ok, I will see if I my next post can be more substantial. Or at least have a better screenshot that I can pass as a postcard.

Oh, if you are wondering who is the fellow pretending to be posing for a photo, that would be my character there, Kahlef.

You can click on the image to get a (slightly) larger (but still not that much better) version.

Just because it is the post apocalypse doesn't mean you can't have a theme park. /nods wisely

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