A house for a friend

16 Nov

I mentioned recently one of the reasons there hasn’t been more of a substantial post on this blog is because I’ve been doing a house decoration on Everquest 2 for a friend. Well, I am happy to say the house is finally finished!

This house has been a challenge for several reasons. First, doing house commissions is not some I am really comfortable with. I know I take forever to complete a project and I just wouldn’t like to keep someone waiting to enjoy their house. The other reason is that I don’t know how to charge fairly for the work. So I’ve been avoiding that. Yet I couldn’t stop but day dreaming about it from time to time.

Due to some reasons I won’t be getting at here, I got to have a taste of that and offered to do a house for a friend of mine,  Jazabelle. She accepted it and so the saga of building the house began….

Soon enough one of my fears proved true. It was taking a long time to make the house. Part of it was because it took me a few false starts until I got a good base to build on. The other part for it to take so long is that I got into a decorator’s block that lasted for months. Just so you have an idea, I think, the time it took from the day she gave me trustee access to the house to when I finished it, there must have been about 6 months. Perhaps more, perhaps a little less. Mind you, most of those months I didn’t do absolutely anything on the house as I just didn’t have any decent idea for it.

Fortunately Jazabelle was extremely patient throughout the entire project and never complained about anything even when she had a right to do so. Slowly I was able to work through most of my decorator’s block and finally finished it.

Despite all the problems I enjoyed doing this house. It was a good challenge, it turned out well and Jazabelle was happy.

So, after all that, would I do a house commission to any other person? Perhaps, for a friend. If they don’t mind it taking possibly longer than the end of the universe and providing any rare materials that might be used as well as city festival/grotto stuff. :p

For a complete stranger, as a decorator-for-hire? Definitely not. I can’t  guarantee on making a house in a short term. I am still not comfortable charging for a house (Jazabelle’s house was made for free) and I know I won’t be lucky to get a client that will be as patient and supportive as Jazabelle was. Well, maybe one or two clients at most that is like her.

Alright. Now that I got to do my little ramble, I think you want to see the pictures, which you can do after the jump!

EDIT: Part of the pictures are cut off right now… I will fix it as soon as possible!

EDIT #2: Screenshots should be fixed now. Let me know if there are still any issues with it. Also made a simple page for my house decorations. It is a bit light on content right now but hopefully I can fill it up with time.

Oh, for those who wish to visit the house in person, the address is 2 Bayle Court, South Qeynos under Jazabelle in the Antonia Bayle server. I believe she will be putting it in the house leaderboards at some point.

Also, please don’t mind the rat in the screenshots trying to be invisible. He was totally not trying to steal any cheese!

We start with the house entrance, which looks way more ominous than the house actually is….

Passing through the door we come to the living room, the main area where Jazabelle receives her friends.

Going to the west wing of the house we can find the garden to the north. It is a small area where she can relax, read a book or just sit and enjoy the company of the flowers.

Just a note about the octagon on top of the garden… It was an idea I got from Marilia’s The Not-So-Uncanny Estate! My first attempt at it sucked horribly. But Jazabelle saw potential on it and suggested the design you can see now.

To the south side of the west wing, we have the library. This is where Jazabelle can store some of her books, pick a few for reading, use as another area to receive friends and do some magical research.

Going back through the living room and entering the east wing, we find a bath area. It has a shower and other watery features whose workings only a gnome (or other crazies) would understand.

To the north side of the east wing we find the bedroom properly. There are some knick-knacks, probably mementos of places traveled by, plus the usual bed, amoire and a table to brush the hair or prepare for some special occasion.

That is it! Thanks for looking! 🙂


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2 responses to “A house for a friend

  1. Jenni

    November 16, 2011 at 6:20 am

    One of her knickknacks looks like a pie. Now I want pie.

    And if I come back, I will need a bunch of those scrollwork bench/couch things, please! 🙂

    • Rakuno

      November 20, 2011 at 4:26 pm

      Actually that knicknack is a replica of the Temple of Life. So you could say the Temple of Life looks like a pie! In the sky!

      Sure. Just to be clear though, the couch was custom made out of the marble benches (that is those scroll things). They also don’t have the pillows that is something I added. Both of them are handcrafted though so I can make as many as you want.


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