Deus Ex Arcana Guild Hall

25 Dec

This is one of those projects I should have finished ages ago. The guild hall was gotten around… uh… some time in the beginning of the year. I was very happy, excited and thought it was going to be the coolest decoration ever. Well, turned out it wasn’t as easy as I expected to decorate a tier 1 evil guild hall. It looks cool and all but it has way too many funky angles and other oddities if you want to reform it for any reason. To make matters worse, not long after that I got into a decorator’s block resulting in the hall (and pretty much all of my projects) to gather dust.

Several months later and my decorator’s block is mostly  gone. With Frostfell upon us I got the idea to decorate the hall for Frostfell. Before that I needed to actually have the hall with a normal decoration first. So off I went to work. I scrapped all my first attempt, started from scratch and finally did it! Granted, it took way more time than I was predicting (my deadline was the 20th), there are stuff that aren’t perfect or that I had to cut due to time/lack of energy/lack of good ideas but I like it. It is nice to finally have a full hall decorated.

I must admit there is a lot of influence in the decoration from the Homes and Tomes guild hall in Antonia Bayle and from the Pirates guild hall in the Crushbone server. It is kind of unavoidable since I was a member of the first for a brief period and I am still  a member of the second. They are both extremely well decorated guild halls in their own right too. I probably got influences from other people too in a more unconscious way. So to all those all I can say is: Thank you for always sharing you work! You people are part of what makes decorating homes in Everquest 2 so much fun!

Alright. Enough rambling. After the jump, you can find pictures of the guild hall. There are a lot of them as always. Oh, it is just the normal decoration too. I have to add the Frostfell decoration yet which I will try to do tomorrow, since it will still be Christmas, and therefore I am meeting my own goal! In a way. Well, ok, a bit late than I wanted. But to see the frostfell decoration you will have to see it in-game. I will leave it there until January 3rd as it is the day Frostfell ends in EQ2.

For those who wish to visit it, it is the Tier 1 guild hall in Gorowyn, Antonia Bayle. It is under Deus Ex Arcana and should be open to visitors now.

As always, please don’t mind the ratonga trying to be invisible. Just amuse him and pretend you can’t actually see him. He will be less depressed this way and won’t eat all my stock of cheese. (in one go at least)

Also, let me put it in here, for all to see: a very merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! And if I don’t post anything before then, a happy New Year too! 😀

P.S.: Apologies for some of the funky graphics in the screenshots. Since the expansion release the EQ2 shaders have been wonky for me for some reason. :/

We start off with the entrance, where we have the 3 receptionists who also double as broker, buyer of stuff and banker. There is also a nice sitting area for those waiting admittance into the halls proper of the guild hall as well a small garden. To make sure no unwanted guests get inside the hall there are guards protecting the entrances to the hall areas.

Going to the east wing, we enter the library, where members can read ancient (and not so ancient) tomes of knowledge, make their own notes about said tomes, all the while drinking tea.

Going all the way to the other side of the hall, to the west wing, we first enter the teleportation room. This is where members can find transportation to various places in Norrath as well as have a quick way back to their houses.

After the teleportation room we find the crafting area. Here the members can find some ammenities to help in their chosen craft!

The design of the giant crafting circle table thing was based on the one made by Jazabelle in the Homes and Tomes guild hall. During my first attempt at decorating  the hall I tried to come up with my own design that could be just as efficient, if not more. Alas, I failed miserably as it is a design as perfect as it can get. So instead of trying to beat it I decided to make a version that would suit Deus Ex Arcana. My big thanks for Jazabelle though for letting me steal her design for it and being supportive all along!

If by any chance you are the type of person that bounces on walls to see if there are secret passages, you may find that one of the paintings in the crafting area leads to a secret passage!

They seem to actually lead to some two very bland doorways that for some reason are guarded….

But if you decide to go inside one of them, you will find it actually leads to what seems to be a room for magic rituals! Not the goodie-goodie type of magic either!

Uh… Let’s give a look at the other room…. Hm. It seems to be a meeting room of some sorts. Speaking seriously, the meeting room is the weakest of all of them right now. By then I was already running of energy and ideas. So I just tried to keep it as simple as possible. I will see about improving it with time.

Thanks for looking! 😀

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