L2: Climbing the mountain

27 Mar

A long time ago, when I first started in Lineage 2 the level cap was 75. To reach that you had to go up through a very steep leveling curve, almost like a mountain. At times it seemed impossible to reach that level while others it just didn’t seem to matter because it wasn’t like the game was going to fundamentally change if you got to the cap. Yes, there was the whole subclass thing that you could only start at level 75 and it looked cool. But it still wouldn’t magically transform the whole game into something else.

Anyway, for guys like me, the whole point of the game was to climb that mountain. It didn’t matter so much getting  there as being able to continually advance through the levels. Even as leveling up became increasingly slow to do so we still kept at it. The level cap of 75 would always be there, always challenging us to reach it and if any of us did it would be an achievement in itself.

Then after I left many updates came making the leveling curve less and less steep. To the point now, with the Goddess of Destruction update, where there are several shortcuts one can take to reach the higher levels. We have the mentoring system now, XP runes, vitality, etc. Save for a couple couple revita-pops I’ve used recently to keep my vitality from going to 0 and using the free gear and shots from the “Path of Awakening”, I haven’t yet taken those shortcuts. Even then I am surprised as how fast I have been leveling. Is it so fast that you can sleep through the levels and find yourself at the cap? No. But it isn’t as slow that watching paint dry starts to feel more fun either. At least on the levels I had personal experience so far.

GoldheartXVI is level 71 now. The former mythical level 75 feels just close enough for me to finally grab it. It is not the level cap anymore either, it is just another step towards a much bigger goal. Yet it still feels strange in a way.

I guess the only thing that hasn’t really changed that much was my attitude. I am still playing just to climb the mountain. My goal however is not that of level cap anymore. It is a much more humble one, of just hitting 86, to turn GoldheartXVI into a Tyrr Warrior. If I can reach that I can leave the game satisfied, knowing that I reached the goal I set to myself. That I finally climbed the mountain that was in front of me.


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2 responses to “L2: Climbing the mountain

  1. Nate

    July 25, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    I just installed Lineage 2 to sort of study it for its grindy, hardcore gameplay but I’ve hit level 40 in like 6 hours or something. Can you tell me how the gameplay changes after that? I’ve really enjoyed the game so far, but its not what I signed up for- I pop levels like Eminem used to pop Xanax. Its not really the kmmo/oldschool skinners box sort of thing I had in mind so far.

    • Rakuno

      July 29, 2013 at 5:34 pm

      Apologies for the late answer. This is the old version of my blog and thus I don’t check it as often anymore.

      Anyhoo…. Yeah, Lineage 2 isn’t what it used to be anymore. The closest thing you will get it to its old days is after… Hmm… Level 75, I think? Or was it level 78?

      I think it is after level 75, after you get to your third class, things get a bit grindy but not too bad. Then once you do awakening things can get really painful, at least if you don’t try to do the daily dungeon. The rate of XP is pretty low and there is pretty much only one good spot to grind just after awakening. More spots open later on, I think, once you get some levels under your belt but I didn’t get that far.

      Another thing about Awakening is that the new classes are merges of previous classes. For instance, my Dwarf Maestro awakening class became one which felt like a merge of the Gladiator, Monk, and Tyrant and Warlord. The DPS was nice but the class felt very diluted compared to everything before. Also I really missed the stuff that made the dwarves classes stand apart from the other ones. My dwarf could not summon a golem anymore for instance (Maybe the siege one but I didn’t siege so I can’t confirm) and crafting after awakening was something everyone could do, again, if I recall correctly.

      So that was another drawback for me. And yes, I stopped playing Lineage 2 again months ago. It was mostly a diversion until Guild Wars 2 released.


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