This is a blog from a guy who thinks he is a giant talking rat who thinks he is a  kung-fu fighting monk. Oh, he also tends to ramble. A lot.

Anyway, details like that aside, this blog is mostly for ramblings about MMORPGs, single player games and the occasional tokusatsu or anime. Other topics may be covered too if there is anything that I feel strongly enough to write about. Which is pretty much the criteria for the choice of posts. As long as it is something that I think is something interesting to talk about or just plain need to write about then that it is what will be written. 🙂

Also, please don’t ask me to trade links in my blogroll. The blogs I add in my blogroll are those that I end up stumbling on during my travels through the web and that I end up liking enough to keep coming back for more. It is more a way to share my love for those blogs than anything else. If you think I might like your blog and that I should check it out, that is fine. I will  even add a contact page eventually so people can send a link in private to me. Until then just avoid asking for a blogroll exchange please.


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