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A Fallen Earth interview

There is an interview with Marie Croall, the current lead designer for Fallen Earth at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

You can find it here.

It is pretty interesting as she goes on how she got involved with the game’s development, the switch to free to play, how things have been working for the team and the game so far, etc.

In another note, I will try to make a real post about Fallen Earth… as soon as possible. So far all my posts about the game have been things that could honestly be found elsewhere. That kinda makes this blog a little pointless plus it wasn’t why I made it. Also Fallen Earth is one of the games I like right now and it deserves some recording of my misadventures there. Before that though I do need to get some other stuff out of the way first.

So many games, so little time and energy. /sigh

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Fallen Earth and the free post-apocalypse

I don’t know what is up with MMORPGs going through huge changes when or events while I am in a isolationist mood. At least that seems to be the case with the ones I keep tabs on anyway. This time it was Fallen Earth going free-to-play last Wednesday. This was something announced a few months ago shortly after Icarus, the company that develops Fallen Earth, being bought by Gamers First. Apparently the transition went pretty smoothly and the channels today seemed to be more busy than usual. There was some lag on this morning but I am not sure if this was because of my connection being wonky as it has been problematic lately or the influx of new players. It became normal later though when I logged in for the above screenshot.

Unlike other titles I’ve seem going from a pure subscription model to a hybrid free-to-play/subscription model, Fallen Earth might be the first where I don’t have any mixed feelings about the change. Probably because of how they setup the different subscription tiers.

Before I get to the meat of it though let me do some bragging. Since I was subscribed before the game going Free To Play I got that bike in the screenshot, the Spiked Chopper (insert “Born to be Wild” music here) as a reward. Plus a few other benefits. Now the cool thing about the bike is it is insanely better in terms of fuel efficiency than the bike I crafted a while ago. It also has more storage which for a crafter like me is pretty important as I need every space I can get to store my materials. Specially when out in the wild scavenging said materials. So I think I might be using it for quite a while. 🙂

Alright. Enough bragging, on with the show…

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Postcard from Fallen Earth

Today I tried to catch up a bit on Fallen Earth. Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything worthwile to talk about. Mostly I harvested materials to continue my current goal of researching the Improved Motorcycle recipe and the Buggy recipe. This will still take a little while considering the amount of materials and crafting required.

I also respeced the character due to the combat revamp. The new combat skills seems interesting but I didn’t really get to test them. Maybe some time soon.

Anyway, to compensate for the lack of posts, I tried to make a postcard from Fallen Earth. Trying is all that matters right? Right?!? … no? Oh, ok, I will see if I my next post can be more substantial. Or at least have a better screenshot that I can pass as a postcard.

Oh, if you are wondering who is the fellow pretending to be posing for a photo, that would be my character there, Kahlef.

You can click on the image to get a (slightly) larger (but still not that much better) version.

Just because it is the post apocalypse doesn't mean you can't have a theme park. /nods wisely

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