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[LotRO] Lua Plugins and you!

Alright. So this is week 4 of Ambermist’s challenges. This one is a tough one too. She basically asked us to go out, learn something and then make a post about it. Since I am really getting into Lord of the Rings Online now it makes sense to do some research of it. The drawback is…. I am just starting in Lord of the Rings Online which means lots and lots of things too research. Too much to research in  a week or do a single post about it. So I am doing the obvious thing and just narrowing down it to one specific topic: Lua Plugins!

The following is the result of my research. If there is someone more knowledgeable who sees something incorrect, please post about it in the comments and I will fix it.

Lua Plugins? What is that?

If you ever played World of Warcraft you probably heard of AddOns. Might even have an avid user of them. Lua Plugins are the same thing except for Lord of the Rings Online.

If that is not your case, then let me explain what they are and what they can do. The LotRO UI is pretty good. It looks good, it isn’t very hard to find the stuff you need and generally doesn’t stay in the way of gameplay. But even then there may have times where we wished it would do something in a different way or that it could do something it doesn’t do yet. That is where the Lua Plugins come in. They are a way for players to tinker (within certain restrictions) with the game’s UI. And unlike skins,  Lua Plugins aren’t limited to just changing the aesthetics of the UI either. It can actually add new windows or change the behavior of existing UI elements.

Here are some more practical examples of what Lua Plugins can do:

And much more.

What it does not do is automate any gameplay. Also, there is no risk of it being used for any malicious purpose. Turbine keeps a very strict control of the plugin’s API (think of it as the plugin’s commands). So there is no risk of it being used to steal your personal information.

Ok. Cool. But where do I get plugins and how do I install them?

The best place to get Lua Plugins right now is LotRO Interface. Just click on the download link on the top bar and then choose one of the subsections to find the plugin you need. As for installing there are two ways. One is an automated way through the LOTRO Plugin Compedium. That is probably the easiest way as it can download the plugins directly from LotRO Interface and add it with a single click. The other is to do all of it manually.  I will just send you to LOtRO wiki as they have excellent instructions on how to do it. You can find it here.

If you have any troubles, check the troubleshooting page at the LotRO wiki. You can find it here.

To uninstall the process is similar. Just mark the plugin you want to uninstall in the LotRO Plugin Compedium and click on the remove button. If you decide to do it manually just delete the plugin from your plugins folder.

I want to make my own plugins. How do I do that?

This is a topic that is far too broad to put into a single post. Another problem is I don’t have any first hand experience making one. The best I can do then is trying to point you in the right direction.

If you have absolutely no experience with any programing language before, you will have to learn the basic concepts of programming before you start. I googled around a little trying to find a good Lua tutorial for beginners. Turns out it was harder than I thought and I admit I didn’t look as far as I probably should. The best I could come up in a short amount of time was this introductional material at Sanity

For the more specific Plug In part, there is this thread at the official forums, called Writing LotRO Plugins for Noobs. Despite the name it does assuming a certain familiarity with programming.

If you need help creating your plugin you can find some at the Lua Scripting section of the official LotRO forums or the Lua Programming Help forums at LotRO interface.

Summing up….

The LotRO interface is pretty good as is. But each person has their own needs and no matter how good the default UI is, it won’t fulfill completely the needs of each person. With the Lua Plugins players can change the UI to fit their needs, letting them focus more on playing than on struggling with the interface.


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[LotRO] One ring to bind them all…

Somehow I can’t think of a better phrase to sum up my recent conundrum with Lord of the Rings Online. What type of conundrum? Well, this might be one of those long stories so you might want to make yourself comfortable, get something to drink, etc.

I’ve been thinking for a little while about giving Lord of the Rings Online another go for some reasons. The first one is since I’ve left Everquest 2, I’ve been having a severe case of decoration withdrawal. So much in fact that even a limited housing system like the one in the LotRO sounds better than any. The second reason is because I’ve been checking some blogs like Lotro Fashion, Landroval Style and Brazokie’s Blog Space and I’ve been pretty much drooling over the outfits. Now, like a former wise clannie in Lineage 2 would say “In real life I don’t care about my appearance but in game I am a metrosexual.” LotRO to me is one of the best games for that kind of… uh… I dunno, philosophy, I guess? Anyway, the thing is the game has a ton of cool looking outfits and a pretty good system to show them off while still wearing your mismatched gear with uber stats. And if I am going to be killing X orcs for their middle toe nails I might as well do it with style damnit!

What finally pushed me to do it was a promotion on GameStop/Impulse that I found out at the Frugal Gamer. It  was the Mithril Edition for 50% off and considering its contents it just seemed one of those bargains that you can’t resist. That discount is already gone but you can still get it for about $20.

Now what I am undecided about is what class to play. I know I want a hobbit since I like their houses better. My first thought would be to make a Burglar since I have a certain fondness for sneaky, stabby, classes. The problem with that is Basilio, of my LotRO Experiment, is a Burglar already. He is on a complete different account and if I decide to resurrect the project I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be too happy with two Burglars. More about the Experiment in a bit.

So my choices become to make either the Hunter or the Warden. The Hunter is cool but a Hobbit Hunter isn’t something I am too enthusiastic about. While the Warden is a pretty unique class with the spear as its main weapon and the whole Gambit system. The only problem is that it would take about half of the Turbine Points I got with the Mithral Edition to unlock it. Well, ok it would take 795 Turbine Points if I just unlock the Warden class but I also want to unlock the the Rune Keeper class so I might just get the bundle with both and do it for 1295 TPs. :p

I am hesitant to do that because I keep wondering if I shouldn’t just spend those Turbine Points into something more useful first like, currency cap, ride skill, shared storage, etc. Although if I play a class that I don’t like that might not do me a lot of good either… Oh, well. Most likely I will just go with the Warden anyway and figure out the rest later. /sigh

Now, about the LotRO experiment. I pretty much abandoned it for a couple reasons. When I was writing it I was doing it pretty much as I played since I was afraid of losing any important detail. That was extremely time consuming and I would rather use some of that time to play other games or do other stuff. I am a fickle person after all.

I thought about then switching to maybe a post about it a week or maybe bi-weekly or something like that where I could just condense a lot of gameplay, go straight to the interesting points instead of constantly doing a point by point replay of what I did. Not only I think that would becoming boring real quick but it would end up having a lot of posts where there was no Turbine Points earned in-game to show.

Even with making it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis there would be no guarantee I could say I earned some Turbine Points because I was pretty much learning the game as I played it. On the other hand perhaps that was the whole point of the Experiment, to show off if someone who was starting out without knowing much about the game could earn a significant quantity of Turbine Points in-game and how long it would take to do so.

In any case that project is on hold for now. If I can think of a better way to do it I will resurrect it, most likely continuing from the point where I stopped. For now I will enjoy a new journey with a new hobbit! Wee~


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The LotRO Experiment Part 3: I’m rich! I’m rich! … Ok, I am not.

Before getting into the usual rambling about LotRO proper, just a heads-up. This little project will be put on hold for a few days, at least. There are a few other games I want to catch up (and have I been sorely neglecting them) so my plan is to do it in the next couple days. I will see if there is something interesting to write about it then it there will be something here.

Also, this weekend Tinkerfest, a once in a year event, will start in Everquest 2. That is another reason for putting the project on hold. Depending on how Tinkerfest goes, I might resume this project only when the event ends, on August 8th. Again, if I find anything interesting to say about it then it will be posted here.

Alright, with that said back to the dusty roads of The Shire.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead about Lord of the Rings Online quests and other stuff. If that bothers you, don’t read further!

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The LotRO Experiment Part 2: The Shire Odd Jobs

WARNING: Spoilers about the game’s quests ahead! So don’t read any further if it bothers you.

When we last left our hero*, he had just returned to the Shire. That after a brief encounter with a Black Rider, being captured by bandits, trying to protect (and failing) a village from said bandits, resulting with the death of the guard captain and the whole village going down in flames. If that wasn’t bad enough he also witnessed a ranger joining the forces of Mordor. Granted, said ranger was previously stabbed by a Black Rider while trying to rescue him and the other hobbits. But who is counting, right?

Hopefully this time he will have some actual heroics to brag about. Or at least not have anything go down in flames around him or rangers turning to the enemy side after being stabbed.

Of course, the search for ways to earn TPs continues as well.

* Hero here is being used in the broadest sense of the word.

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The LotRO Experiment – Part 1: One dagger to stab them all!

It was a chilly night in the shire. Inside my office it wasn’t much better but it didn’t bother me. I had opened it six months ago to offer my services as a private eye. Since then my jobs have been all small ones, nothing too complicated. Bakeries who thought their clients were cheating with pies from rival bakeries, lore-keepers who lost their pets, taking care of 10 rats… All properly taken care of and archived in the quest log for future reference.

While I smoked my pipe, reminiscing about the time past, a woman came into my office. She had the looks that would drive any other hobbit female in the Shire mad with jealous. Her face was elegantly framed with blonde hair, her blue eyes had an exquisite gaze about them. Then there was the woman’s hair foot, carefully trimmed and brushed, like the owner was used to a life of nothing but luxury.

She walked calmly to my desk, dropping a large beige envelope on it and- Ooops! Wrong introduction! Sorry!

*clears throat*

So, the character was created and some stuff happened. That stuff may or may not have involved work as a private investigator and hobbits femme fatales. Read on to find out the details!

Oh, yeah. There might be spoilers about quests and stuff too! So, don’t click on the “Read More” if that bothers you.

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The Lord of the Rings Online Experiment – Introduction

Recently I decided, on a whim, to play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online. I had tried it before during beta and a trial later on with a friend. In both times it never really captured my heart enough to actually want to subscribe to the game. Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO from this point on) however has switched to a “free to play” model for some time now. So I decided to check it out again and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be losing anything more than my time. If I liked it but found myself not playing it for long periods of time for a reason or another then there would be no worries about wasting money because I wasn’t playing.

As I delved into LotRo again I found that the game’s “free to play” model wasn’t  exactly what I expected… But I also find something interested, that might be unique to Turbine games that made me think about starting this little experiment.

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