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Status update! (for the blog and some personal ones)

After much brooding in my hidden lair, I think it is time to get back to blog posting.

So here are some things that have been going on my mind as well as some stuff I’ve been up to.
If it seems there is a lot of uncertainty in this post it is because… there is. I blame it on my chronicle indecisiveness. Anyhoo, let’s get started with…

Plans for the blog

One of the things I’ve been thinking the most is what I want to do with the blog, both from a technical point of view and from a content one. Mostly from a technical point of view.

See, I love WordPress. It is a pretty good piece of software. It is even better that there is a company that provides a free service with that software. The drawback though is that severely limits what we can do without paying.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not demanding them to change anything or complaining that they are trying to earn a living out of this. However I’ve been thinking, if i am going to pay for stuff I might as well go all the way and pay for a server hosting somewhere else where I can install/modify all the stuff I want. So that is something I have been seriously considering for a while.

If I finally make a final decision about it I will make a post about it with more details. For now just be warned that the blog might eventually have a home somewhere else. With all the benefits and consequences of such a move.

What is the content again?

Originally the plan for this blog was to write about MMORPGs, anime and anything else I felt strongly enough about. Although that hasn’t formally changed, the content of the blog has been mainly about MMORPGs. There are some good reasons for that. It is simply that for me it is easier to write about MMORPGs as there is always something unique, something I experienced that I can talk about. With something more passive like a book, anime or even a single player game I find it a lot harder to write about without feeling like people would be better served elsewhere, in a bigger site, with more professional reviews (and better writers).

The bad part about it is that I started to feel like… hmmm… how can I say this? I kinda started to feel like I’ve cornered myself into writing about MMORPGs. Even what exactly I wrote about started to bug me. As I said, I just hate writing the same thing someone else already did (and did better!).

I know it is silly and I should just write whatever makes me happy. It is my blog after all. A hobby that I do just for fun.

And that is more or less what I intent to do. Just stop worrying so much about silly things and write whatever is in my mind. In practice it probably won’t change much. But if you ever see a post about some crazy japanese show in a genre you never heard about…. you will know the reason. 🙂

Ze games!

Between all the brooding I’ve been doing, I’ve been playing games too! Surprisingly enough I was able to restrain myself on Steam’s Christmas Sale (although I did give more gifts through there so I guess it is wash). Between all the games bought, given and received as gifts I found some surprisingly enjoyable games. They aren’t really any hidden gems as much as games I ignored before for a reason or another.

Among those, the most prominent ones are Terraria and… The Sims 3.

Let me start with Terraria. If I had to describe it in very few words it would be: imagine if Minecraft and the  Zelda series had a 2d side-scrolling lovechild and you have Terraria. The game is actually a lot more than that, but you can see the influences of both of those games on it.

Then there is The Sims 3. One might (rightfully so) scratch their heads and wonder why I was so surprised to enjoy this game. Well, the on both previous games I got bored of it very quickly because all I saw was micro-managing some virtual twerps who couldn’t do anything by themselves. Although a lot of the game is still about it on the Sims 3, I also found out that it is pretty fun coming up with meta-goals (like transform key people in town into vampires) and try to execute them.

Another difference is that back in the Sims 1 and 2 I wasn’t all interested into house decoration in games. Nowadays I am, it is one of my creative fixes. On the Sims 3 I am finding it to be very challenging to make a house that is functional, creative and aesthetically pleasing. It also has made me much more appreciative of the works of professional architects and designers.

What still annoys me is that despite all the evolution of the series the rest of the town is still pretty nonchalant about your actions. For instance, turning a significant part of the population into vampires don’t seem to have as much impact as one would expect.

Exploring the land of the Penguin

In more personal notes, I’ve been trying to go back to Linux. I’ve already used it as my main system years ago (early 2000’s I think?) but end up returning to Windows because of games. From time to time I still checked it just to see the changes but never made a big effort to go back. Now with Windows 8, an OS that I couldn’t find less appealing, and Steam for Linux I am find it more appealing to go back to the land of the penguin. There is just something about Linux that makes me much happier than Windows does.

More about that in a future post. Maybe. >_> <_<

Is that all?

I think those are all the things that have been on my mind since late November until now. Well, all the things that makes sense to write on this blog. There are more personal stuff that have been on my mind and I am leaving out as this is not the place nor the time for it.

For now let’s see where this blog will go this year!

EDIT: Oh, yeah forgot something! If anyone has any request, suggestions, comments or critique about the blog, this is probably the best time to do it!


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